Security Procedures at U.S. Custom and Border Protection at MEM

All arriving air travelers via an international flight at Memphis Airport are required to go through the immigration procedures. Passengers should collect bags from Baggage Claim before going to Customs and Border Protection Service. There are signs designated in the corridors of the Terminal that leads to the Customs and Immigration area.

Passengers must be prepared to show completed arrival forms and passports. The arrival forms should have been given to each passenger on their flight. If something happens, for instance, if the passenger does not hold them, he/she should check with the airline or the U.S. Customs office.

MEM Baggage Claim and Meeting Areas

Arriving passengers need to reclaim checked baggage at the Baggage Claim area. Passengers should follow the signs and get one level below the arrival gates. Be aware which baggage belt is served for your flight. Baggage carts are accessible free of charge for passenger use. If passenger experiences any issues, all airlines have the responsibility for processing and handling baggage. After claiming baggage, passengers should follow the signs to exit or to get to the meeting areas.


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Memphis International Airport

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Duty-Free, Shopping Stores, and Dining areas at Memphis International Airport.

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